Carrie Provence


Carrie Provence is Savvy’s Director of Severance Tax Services, previously the Data Manager and Programmer and performed an essential role in Savvy’s severance tax practice.

By analyzing client’s product and accounting databases, Carrie exercises her skillset to write, update, and maintain client computer processes and software packages related to severance tax, including maintaining data and processes for reporting all state RRC and Comptroller data.

Beginning her career as a computer programmer with Southwest Energy Company in 2000, she developed a comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas revenue accounting systems and assisted in transitioning from the Horizon accounting system to Oracle. She was data manager and programmer with Sarah Magruder at the Houston-based KE Andrews tax severance practice and joined Safire in 2019.

Carrie uses her oil and gas accounting and data management experience and competency to foster effective collaboration and team development with client’s staff and leadership to resolve problems and improve processes and accurate reporting.

Carrie Provence’s commitment to excellence in Severance Tax Services is underscored by her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and leveraging her extensive background to benefit both clients and her team. As the Director of Severance Tax Services at Savvy, she remains a key player in driving innovation and efficiency within the realm of oil and gas taxation.

Carrie is a 2000 graduate of the University of Arkansas with a BS in Computer Business Systems.