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Severance Tax Services
  • Marketing Cost Deduction Rate Analysis, Calculation, True-up and Implementation
  • High Cost Gas Well Incentive Reviews, Filings, New Area Designations, and Refund Recovery
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Analysis, Pre-Project Applications, Tax Planning and Economic Analysis
  • Sales Contract Reviews for Incentive Clauses
  • Tax Reimbursement Contract Review, Setup, Implementation, and Refund Claims
  • Low-Producing/Marginal Wells Incentive Reviews, Filings, and Refund Recovery
  • LOE Cost Review and Field Visit to Document and Identify Allowable Marketing Costs
  • Depreciation and ROI Analysis Calculations for Allowable Marketing Costs
Royalty Compliance Advisory Services
  • ONRR Reporting Review: examination of marketing contracts, Valuation and Reporting
  • ONRR Unbundling Assistance: helping clients determine deductible marketing costs whether company owned or third-party
  • ONRR Data Requests and Audits, State Tax and Royalty Audits: assist in review and response
  • Interact with ONRR, DOJ, Office of Enforcement, Tribal Nations, or State Tax and Royalty agencies as needed
Training and Education SErvices
  • Provide Training via Canned and Custom Courses on Compliance Complementary to Clients
  • Internal Compliance Controls and Procedures development or review
  • Frequent Speakers at Industry Events, Author Articles for Industry Publications, and Guest on Various Podcasts
Software Setups and Conversions Services
  • New Software System Conversions, Compliance Set-Up and Testing
  • Compliance Maintenance via Monitoring Incentives and System Setups and Calculations
  • Track Legislation to Update Exemptions and Rates Changes in Systems