Steve Bailey

Steve Bailey is Vice President & COO for Savvy Oil and Gas Consulting. Steve previously served as Project Coordinator and utilized his comprehensive and diversified oil and gas experience in severance tax and regulatory compliance, state and Federal, and the technical understanding of clients accounting and internal control systems to analyze and identify critical issues, suggest management efficiencies, and provide accounting and database technical solutions. Steve began his career with Sun Oil Company in Dallas, TX as a Tax Analyst, moved on to Amerada Hess Corporation in Tulsa, OK as a Senior Analyst over MMS Reporting, before making a move to Denver, CO to serve as Supervisor of Tax and Royalty Compliance for Presidio Oil and Gas. Steve then spent five years with IBM Business Consulting as Supervisor of Regulatory Compliance and MMS Audit Coordination. He recently retired from BP America Production Company, where he spent the past twelve years serving as Supervisor of State Production Tax and Royalty and Manager of Hydrocarbon Value Chain and SAP 2.0 Systems. Steve has used his broad, expert knowledge of oil and gas accounting, SAP, and severance royalty to greatly enhance what Savvy can offer to our client.